Eden GeoPower Inc.

Who We Are


What We Do

Eden GeoPower is on a mission to generate megawatts of renewable energy by converting retired oil wells into sources of geothermal power

  Oil Well

Retired Wells


Every year, millions of dollars are spent to plug depleted oil/gas and unused injection wells. These wells have a large potential to be converted into geothermal power sources of renewable energy.                                                                     


Under Performing Geothermal

With technology dated back to 1904, many current geothermal wells and plants can not compete with other sources of energy of providing cheap electricity. Current geothermal methods are geographically constrained and  economically challenging. 

  Artificial Lift Pumps

Eden GeoPower


Eden GeoPower will convert abandoned oil/gas and underperforming geothermal wells to sources of low-cost and reliable electricity using our novel technology.  Our patent-pending technology will avoid thermal depletion of the reservoir and allow for resilient power production for up to 30 years.