We Break Rocks
Eden is a leader in sustainable natural resource recovery. We break rocks with electricity to enhance subsurface permeability.
Taking the energy industry by storm
Our Vision
In order to meet the world’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, we need scalable solutions to access Earth’s natural resources with minimal environmental impact.  

Eden has developed a first-of-its-kind Electrical Reservoir Stimulation technology to increase the recovery of natural resources and improve the economics of resource recovery with minimal environmental impact.
Our Electrical Reservoir Stimulation Technology has the power to revolutionize how we recover Earth's natural resources.
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Renewable energy

Utilizing 100% renewable energy to deploy our Electrical Reservoir Stimulation Technology

Water consumption

Reducing water consumption by billions of gallons over traditional fracturing technology

geothermal energy towers

Unlocking 100+ GWe geothermal power starting in the US and MENA region

Equity, diversity and social impact

Centering equity, diversity, and social impact within communities affected most by climate change

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News & Insights
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