2000B gallons of water saved by 2050
Eliminates 300
tons of CO2 per
Eliminates detectable seismic events
2000B gallons of water saved by 2050
Eliminates 300
tons of CO2 per
reduction in induced seismic events above magnitude 1
Hydraulic Fracturing is Energy and Water Intensive
Unconventional shale reservoirs, also known as tight-shale reservoirs, require permeability enhancement to economically recover Earth’s natural resources.

However, hydraulic fracturing requires an average of 6 million gallons of water and pollutes 300 tons of CO2 emissions per stimulation.
The Future of Sustainable Natural Resource Recovery
Alternative permeability enhancement solutions are required to extract Earth’s natural resources with minimal environmental impact.

Electrical Reservoir Stimulation can increase reservoir permeability while consuming 80% less water and eliminating 100% of the CO2 emissions associated with hydraulic fracturing operations.
How Electrical Reservoir Stimulation Minimizes Environmental Impact
Electrical Reservoir Stimulation is the next generation of sustainable permeability enhancement technology for the oil and gas industry.

Because this technology can be powered by 100% renewable energy, it offers an environmentally friendly solution to replace traditional hydraulic fracturing operations without impacting resource recovery rates.

Pre-treatment with Electrical Reservoir Stimulation reduces the rock’s breakdown pressure. This decreases the injection pressure needed to create fractures and reduces the potential for induced seismicity. With lower injection pressure, much less water is needed to fracture the rock. Up to 2,000 billion gallons of water could be saved by 2050 if 500,000 wells replace hydraulic fracturing with Electrical Reservoir Stimulation.

Environmental Impact

Utilizing electrical stimulation lowers formation breakdown pressure by up to 70%

Eliminates 300 tons of CO2 emissions per well stimulation 

Eliminates high-pressure hydraulic stimulation drastically reduces magnitude 2 or higher seismic events

Water Usage by Stimulation Method
Water usage by stimulation method
Co2 Emissions Per Well Stimulation
0 tons of CO2 emissions by electrical reservoir stimulation300 tons of CO2 emissions by hydraulic fracturing
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